What does it cost to get your criminal defense lawyer leads?

Our prices vary depending on the region. Typically we are in the range of $20-$40 per qualified lead. Sometimes even less.

The leads come in 2 ways:  as phone calls directly forwarded to you, as well as via email.

We can sell on a per-lead basis (variable monthly charges). If you are on our per-lead payment plan, you can request a refund on any leads that don’t have a current criminal case in your area.

We can also work out an arrangement for or a flat monthly rate, if that works better for you. It avoids the hassles of picking out individual unqualified leads for refund.

Either way, we  want just a month’s fee in advance for a the estimated leads we think we get get to you, based on the historical numbers we have generated in the most recent few months.

No big commitment, no big risk.

Lots of the big guys want to lock you into a year-long contract based on promises of what they say their services are worth. You have to put up thousands of dollars just to find out if they can deliver you any leads.

We let you decide if you think our service is worth it to your law firm. Try us for a month. If you don’t make money and sign up clients, or are otherwise unsatisfied, then you can drop out at anytime and decide not to continue for the next month.

We have no long term contracts and no big commitments.  It’s just that easy.

Why do we do this? Because we’ve found there is very little actual risk to us. In the past year, every client that has paid us for an initial month has continued to pay us. We know our system works, and we stand by it.

Will you guarantee your monthly rate won’t increase every month?

Yes, if we agree to a flat rate, we will guarantee that the rate won’t increase for 6 months.