In reading this article on Search Engine Optimization at, I learned:

  • There was a controversy about Findlaw selling something (unethically?) to help sites with search engine marketing
  • What search engine optimization is
  • How search engines calculate page importance
  • A page of SEO jargon
  • 5 tips for search engine success

Ok, I actually didn’t learn anything, at least nothing very useful or actionable. But it’s not because there isn’t any good information written here, there really is. But the information barely scratched the surface on any of these topics.

This article has no clear point, focus, or objective, and it’s not clear who the audience is for this article. It was as if the intro paragraphs to 5 or 6 different articles were just pasted together.

The title of the article is “Getting Search Engine Optimization Right”, and I don’t think it helps anyone do that.

Ok, So What’s Your Point?

A good article or page for your web site must have a clear purpose for a known audience. It should answer a specific question, or offer actionable tips on an area of interest.

  • Simple tips to improve your website conversions.
  • What could happen to me after a shoplifting charge in Texas?
  • How do I know if I am getting my money’s worth from my online marketing firm?

An article with real focus will connect with your audience, and help you accomplish your goals online. Those goals may be clients, sales, newsletter sign-ups, links, or just credibility as a subject matter expert.

Always Imagine what the reader will take away from what you are offering.

And don’t try to do too much. The author in the above article had the seeds of many good articles, but failed to produce one.

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