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charges: reckless driving

court_or_city: montgomery

description: I was speeding my baby was crying it was feeding time and i was trying to get to a exit  He clocked me doing 92 in a 65 should i be concerned never been charged with ANYTHING i also have a good driving record

charges: Reckless Driving charge

court_or_city: amherst Va.

description: I set my cruise control,at the wrong speed by mistake (75 on 65 zone)

charges: petty larcney

court_or_city: roanoke, va

description: amount $59.00 took prescribition medication implusive seroquel and valium very confused at the time never been in trouble first offense

charges: 19.2-306

court_or_city: Roanoke County

description: 19.2-306

charges: Distribution of Cocaine

court_or_city: Pulaski, Va

description: There has been evidence of.32 grams of cocaine recieved from the accuser,