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Sample leads:

Monday, May 26, 2008 at 02:34:08

charge: Driving without a license

court_location: Cumberland, MD

description: Was pulled over on 5/26 at 2:30am because tag expiration date had been peeled off. License had expired in January 07 (16 months ago). I don’t own a car and haven’t driven in forever. I just discovered my license was expired about a month ago but have not had the chance to get it renewed. I never drive but at 1:30am realized I forgot to do something important at work, so I borrowed my neighbor’s car and got pulled over on my way home. I was not arrested. I have a few moving violations in the distant past but have always been a good driver. I have no other criminal history. I want to avoid jail and I REALLY do not want a criminal record. What can I do???

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 at 17:23:12

description: i am currently fighting a marijunia case in charles county. there are charging me with intent to distribute. It was 4:00 in morning, the driver was speeding doing 75 in a 45 mph. The officers stopped the vechile for a traffic volation. Then they proceeded to call the K-9 unit because they smelled a odor of colone. The K-9 walked around the vechile but alerted to the driver’s back seat. I was in the front passenger seat. Then they proceeded to step us out of the vechile. It was four young black males. We were immediately detained then searched. The driver’s back seat passenger had marijunia as well as I did in the front seat. Is this an example of a motion to suppress because the officers had a right to search the vechile but not the passengers.