Criminal defense lawyer leads in Arizona

Average Leads/Month: 40-50, statewide. Mostly in Maricopa County / Phoenix.

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Sample Leads:


Glendale, AZ

Case Details:
My son received a criminal traffic citation for speeding on his motorcycle. He has to go to court. Basically, his back tire was veering/bumping around. He turned his head to look at it and in turning his head, he turned the throttle. That is when he got stopped. He tried to explain to the officer, but the response was, “That’s not my problem.” Now, from the info we can find on the Internet, he may be looking at jail time, license suspension, fines, etc. We are thinking we need to get this reduced to a civil speeding ticket with a corresponding fine, etc.


State: AZ
Case Details: driving on revoked in Arizona. Revoked for DUI six years ago. license was suspended six years ago for a period of 2 years for DUI, I never went back to get my licence after the suspension was over. I just got pulled over in march of 2009 have to go to court april 21 09 pre trial


State: AZ
City/Town: Chandler
Case Details: Charged with Driving with a suspended license and failure to stop at a red light. I unknowingly had my license suspended.


State: AZ

City/Town:Glendale, AZ

Case Details: I recieved a summons to court for a Theft, Class 1 Misdemeanor today against my ex-employer


State: AZ
Case Details: I live in California and got a speeding ticket, which is a misdemeanor, by the photo enforcement.