About Us

GetLawyerLeads.com is a legal internet marketing firm focused on generating valuable contacts and inquiries for legal advice to criminal defense attorneys nationwide.

Who is Behind GetLawyerLeads.com ?

David Matson, Principal. Dave began working in internet marketing and web site development in 2003, transitioning from a successful career in software development management. He saw the future of marketing online, and wanted to learn about and build websites to generate income. Since then he has developed and optimized web sites that have brought in millions of dollars in criminal defense business, for many different lawyer clients.

Russell J. Matson is a DUI defense attorney in Massachusetts. He was an early adopter of internet marketing, first putting up a website for his drunk driving defense law practice in 1999. His website transformed his practice from a sole practitioner doing court-appointed criminal defense into a successful multi-attorney private practice dedicated to DUI defense.

Why Focus on Criminal Defense?

We have focused almost exclusively on criminal defense because it’s what we know how to do, and where we’ve been most successful. Our very narrow focus helps channel our knowledge and experience in a concentrated way. However, we are developing plans to expand into other legal areas.

How Do You Get Criminal Defense Lawyer Inquiries?

We have an extensive network of criminal defense legal websites. Our sites provide local criminal law information, possible penalties for some criminal offenses, and some broad outlines as to the possible defenses and how your criminal defense attorney can help your work through your legal options. Sites include experiencedcriminallawyers.com and many others.

More Info

Contact us for a discussion of how we can help you get more calls for your firm, quickly, without a long term commitment or risk.

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