Lawyer Marketing Pitches – Scammers and Hacks are Everywhere

Lawyers get pitched online marketing proposals constantly. If you are an attorney, you already know this, you are spammed and cold-called practically everyday. Claims of getting to the top of the search engines, or getting listed in a directory that will bring you traffic and clients are abundant.

And the reason why, is that sadly, they work. That is to say, they work at separating lawyers from their money, but most often not at actually getting you clients.

The factors at play are:

  1. Lawyer leads are valuable. Acquiring a client is worth hundreds, and in many cases thousands of dollars.
  2. There are many lawyers out there competing for business. There are countless lawyers competing for the same business. Some are desperate and willing to try anything to bring in more business.

How Can you Know Who Can Deliver the Goods?

Try before you buy.

Some directory or lead services will offer you a free listing or free leads for a period of time. That way you have an opportunity to find out what value is being delivered. find out if you really getting calls, and hopefully, clients.

Talk to Other Lawyers or Unbiased Lawyer Marketing Experts.

For a service that may have high setup costs, or simple won’t offer a sampling period, you need to tread very carefully. If you know any other attorneys using their marketing services, find out if they think it is valuable, and they are getting their money’s worth.

Try to talk to lawyers who have a similar practice to yours, but in a different region.

Measure Everything Possible

If you are on a trial period for any legal marketing service, it is very important to track where your calls, emails, and clients are coming from. You need to be able to assess and re-evaluate your marketing programs all the time. You can do it as simply or as elaborately as works for you, from a sheet of paper, to an excel spreadsheet, or a complex lead tracking database.

But the important thing is that you always ask the question: How did you find us?

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